Suju Suju Super Junior!

Suju Suju Super Junior!
Super Junior

Henry Biodata

Chinese Name : Liu Xian Hua (刘宪华 – 劉憲華)

Korean Name : Henry ( 헨리  )

Nick Name : Mochi

Label: SM Entertainment

Date of Birth: October 11, 1989

Height: 176cm

Country of origin: Canada (Toronto)

Place of Birth: Taiwan

Family: Father (Hong Kong), Mother (Taiwan)

Membership: violin, piano, Breakdance, drums, ballet, Latin dance, singing

Education: AY Jackson

Group: Super Junior M

Position: Vocal, Rap, Side Composer, Main Dancer

First Debut: Attack on Pin-Up Boys: Flower Boys Series of Terror

Casting: SM Entertainment Global Audition 2006


Casting: SM Entertainment Global Audition 2006 Super Junior China emerged after theappearance of Henry at KBS Music Bank Super Junior remake of the hit song "U". Since then Super Junior M be one of the most common boyband be in demand in China.

Only 13 Campaign

In the fall of 2007, Henry Comeback appears in songs and music videos popular idolgroup Super Junior. While that is nicknamed as the "violin boy", the rumors of Henrybecame the 14th member of Super Junior to follow suit. Rumors then led by Henry Set asregular guests for Super Junior's Comeback stages. protests from Super Junior's Fanclub(ELF), which is only 13 Campaign done. SM ELF began buying shares, Henry gave thesilent treatment during Super Junior Concerte, and sending cyber attacks directed at thesite officially SM Henry and Super Junior's official website. The attacks intensified whenthe latest news to Super Junior "Super Junior China" appears. Even after Henry's debutELF continues to protest the attack on Super Junior M's official website set up night.

Currently only 13 Campaign slowly fading with older ELF members expressing their acceptance of Henry to Super Junior M. But the younger ELF continues to protest with theSuper Junior for a concert or shouting "Protect only 13" when Henry walked on stage.