Suju Suju Super Junior!

Suju Suju Super Junior!
Super Junior

Yesung Biodata

Stage Name: Yesung (예성)

Birth name: Kim Jongwoon (김종운)

Nicknames: Cloud, Artistic Vocal Chords, Singing Yesung

Birthday: August 24, 1984

Siblings: younger brother Kim Jongjin 

Height: 178cm/64Kg

Hobbies: Singing, Listening to music, Exercise

Singer, Dancer, Actor, Radio Host

Position: Lead Vocals

Subgroubs: K.R.Y, Super Junior H

Religion: Catholic


  •  Yesung is known for being Super Junior’s very weird, but completely adorable member. When the other members are sleeping, he likes to watch them sleep because they’re cute (he’ll go from room to room), likes popping up right behind them and leaning against their back, and has some weird obsession with the philtrum.
  • Yesung is the most confident when trying out new things. When the members are asked to do something new, he is always the first to volunteer. Strangely, the first time he does something is usually the best and it just goes downhill.
  •  Although he always enjoyed singing and is one of SJ main singers, he didn’t know if he was talented enough to be a singer and used to tell his mom, “I don’t think I’m talented enough”, so his mother, believing in him, applied to SME for him online.
  •  His stage name Yesung is an acronym of the phrase 예술가의 성대which means “Vocal Cords of an artist”
  • When Heechul got a cat, Yesung got jealous and bought a turtle, but then, since the turtle would only blink at him, he claimed that it only made him more jealous. Still, he must like turtles, because he now owns three, Ddangkoma (땅꼬마), Ddangkkoming (땅꼬밍) and Ddangkkomaeng (땅꼬맹).